Thursday, September 29, 2011

GRADUATION - Sep 23, 2011

Concrete Technology Class 2011

Sep 20, 2011 Finishing up the class

Here are the students on one of the last days of class.  They are looking forward to taking their ACI exam and getting certified.

Nic Masters
Chris Patton (Picasso)
Steven Phalin
Thomas Clemons
Jonathan Wooten
Tyler Bell
Chris Clemmons
James Cooksey
Ross Cramer
Instructor Ben Wahl

Sep 2, 2011 Pouring Sidewalks in Lebanon

Here are a few pictures of the students working hard, tearing out and replacing concrete sidewalks in Lebanon, TN.

Park Benches in Don Fox Park

The students just installed the benches they did as a class project in a community park.  They are really excited about the projects that they designed from the ground up.   They even designed the concrete mix we designed to cast the benches.  Now the community of Lebanon will be able to use these benches in their park for years to come.  It feels good to give back to the community. 

Ross Cramer, Jonathan Wooten, Tyler Bell and Chris Clemmons.

James Cooksey, Chris Patton, Steven Phalin and Thomas Clemons
Picasso in deep thought

Monday, May 9, 2011

S Bench

This bench was designed by Jonathan Wooten and Nic Masters. The group leader was Jonathan Wooten. The formwork was done by Jonathan Wooten, Nic Masters, T.J. Kingery, and Tyler Bell. This bench was designed in four sections, each with a defined curve. Once all sections are completed the bench will form an S. After completion this bench will be placed in Don Fox Park.

Flat Bench

This bench was designed by Steven Phalin. He was the group leader on this project. The form work was done by Steven Phalin, Chris Patton, James Cooksey, and Thomas Clemons. Their bench design made the bench in multiple pieces; including legs, caps, armrests, and the bench top. It was grinded down to expose the aggregate. When the bench is finished it will be placed in Don Fox Park.

Constant Curve Bench

One of the bench projects for our class was a curved bench. The bench was made in one solid piece by the design of Chris Clemmons and Ross Cramer. The project form work was done by Ross Cramer, Thomas Clemons, Tyler Bell, and Chris Clemmons. When the time came to pour the form the entire class came together. When the bench is completed it will be placed in Don Fox Park.